Books & Writings

1. Two of Swami Nirgunananda’s recent publications are available only in limited print versions:

a. Spiritual Symbolism of the Himalayas and Ganga is an insightful writing of the deeper implications of these nature beauties for a spiritual aspirant. With some pictures from his travels in this region, it offers a short and inspirational reading for all. This book is presently available only through the author but shall soon be available via

b. Sannyasa, Principles and Practices outlines the fourth Ashrama of the Vedic tradition. It is a useful book for both householders and for aspirant Sannyasis. Co-authoring this book with Swami Haribrahmendrananda of Uttarkashi, this book is available at selective outlets. PDF version of this book can be downloaded from here.

2. Latest book, Breaking Free from Karma, has been published in both paper back and E-book format. Find out more here

You can also check out the YouTube video introducing the essence of the book

3. His first published book is ‘Discover Your Free Mind’

Discover Your Free Mind is available as paperback and E-book version on Amazon. It is written primarily for the general intelligent reader who is interested in a modern and secular approach to inner peace and freedom. It is also written for those who seek to go beyond standard practices of meditation and mindfulness in their path to personal transformation. This book avoids reference to any philosophy, although readers familiar with Indian Non-dualism of Vedanta and Buddhism, might sense its underlying essence. This book was published earlier under the author name of C G Mayya.

You can also find physical copies of book sold at the same price also at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Now in India, you can buy this book on an Indian web portal:

Chrisbutton on Amazon or from Harvard Book Store