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New book, Breaking Free from Karma, is available at the following sites:

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About this book:

What is Fate? How does it bind us? 
What is Free Will? How can we exercise it?
The emerging western views on Free Will, supported by neuroscience studies, have left many to consider that perhaps we are all mere puppets in the hands of Destiny.

The principles of Karma in Indian philosophies supply the missing links to this debate of ‘Fate versus Free Will.’ Ancient Indian practices such as Yoga and Mindfulness, being embraced worldwide, help address Karma’s effects. However, Indian non-dualism, as in Advaita Vedanta and individual schools of Buddhism, break the chains of Karma (Fate) at the root level. 

Written by Nirgunananda Giri, an Indian monk with a background in various spiritual traditions and who maintains an active dialogue with scientists and western philosophers, this book offers a range of perspectives on this topic and practical application of those perspectives in your life.

For instance, it investigates into addictions and how they strangle one’s Free Will. Then there is the sense of despair when things happen in our life against our will and we are left feeling helpless.  Addressing all these, the core message of this book affirms: “Freedom from Karma is not only possible but can be realized in the here and now!”