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A Yogi’s Non-dual Realization

An Insight into Paramahansa Yogananda’s Poem on Samadhi

In the realms of spirituality, it is commonly asserted that mere knowledge, without experience and insight, cannot lead one to personal realization. However, within recognized philosophical systems, many of the Yogis’ mystical experiences are denied the necessary ontological status due to such experiences being subjective in nature. Furthermore, they are rarely given any epistemic value outside the subject’s dedicated following as the means to its replication is not commonly available.
Nevertheless, an experience such as Samadhi is regarded with certain degree of interest across all the varied Indian philosophical schools.

Sannyasa, Principles & Practices

This booklet on Sannyasa captures the key principles and practices related to the ancient tradition.
वेदान्तविज्ञानसुनिश्चितार्थाः संन्यासयोगाद् यतयः शुद्धसत्त्वाः । ते ब्रह्मलोकेषु परान्तकाले परामृताः परिमुच्यन्ति सर्वे ॥
Having well ascertained the Self, the goal of the Vedantic knowledge and having purified their minds through the practice of sannyasa, the seers, in the end, gain the world of Brahma, and liberating themselves from everything gain the supreme immortality

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