Monk, Contemplative & Writer-Teacher

Swami Nirgunananda Giri is a Sannyasin/monk of the traditional Hindu order but offers practical teachings and transformative practices that transcends religion, race, beliefs, etc. He renounced the worldly life in his late twenties after a few years of trotting around the globe.

In the past twenty-five years since, he formally undertook monastic training and discipline at an Ashram, participated in silent retreats ranging from 10 days to three years, and studied/trained in the traditions of Indian Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, & explored several schools of Buddhism. He took his Sannyasa initiation (monasticism) from the esteemed Kailash Ashram of Rishikesh in India.


Presently based in India, he lives a simple life in the Himalayan mountains in the Uttarakhand state devoting his time for contemplation, and offline and online teachings (via Google Meet with selective portions available on his Youtube channel)

He is the author of two books. Breaking Free from Karma, a recent publication, is a philosophical sketch of Eastern and Western philosophies while Discover Your Free Mind is an earlier writing on developing practical tools for mental well-being. The latter is available through Harvard Book Store in the United States and on Amazon. Prior to settling in the Himalayan region, he has conducted teaching camps, workshops, and meditation retreats in US (California and Boston), India (Bengaluru & Mumbai), Australia, New Zealand, and several countries in South East Asia.

Born in India but having lived a significant part of his life in other countries, Swami Nirgunananda draws on both his worldly experience and the wide range of spiritual teachings to which he was exposed. Successfully blending ancient Eastern wisdom and modern Western trend in his teachings and writings, is his way of reaching to students and readers. His philosophy is based on appreciation towards all ancient traditions that point towards the highest goal of Self-Realization, without sacrificing one’s own understanding borne of personal experience and self-inquiry.

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