Most of the testimonials go by Swami Nirguna’s name before his Sannyas ordination of C G Mayya

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Feedback from workshop participants:
(About the 6-week Mindfulness Course)

It was a wonderful experience for me. I would say the course exceeded my expectations. The one-day retreat (as part of the Course) gave me the motivation to practice Mindfulness more regularly. – Meera Neelakantan, Psychologist

This workshop has completely got me out of getting lost in thoughts. My heartfelt respect to C G Mayya for teaching us how to be mindful and its benefits. – Rajani Srinivas, Senior Manager, TCS

The in-depth understanding, practical & applicable guidance was very helpful. C G Mayya’s ability to give specific guidance basis the practitioner is a differentiator. – Nikhil Chadwa, Director, Flipkart

There are plenty of effective exercises suggested or guided by C G Mayya (in this course). These practices are easy to understand, such as Mindful walking, breathing, STOP practices. Mindfulness is altogether a different experience from Meditation. – Irshanee

I attended the mindfulness session intro with CG Mayya. I was peaceful, much more sincere and earnest in my efforts and appeared to have more clarity after some meaningful practices during the intro. – Jagdish Chandra

The science and art of Mindfulness is taught in a very simple way to understand and connect with. – Indhumathi

Feedback from employees of Stockaxis, Mumbai (for a workshop session conducted in November, 2016)

The workshop was awesome, learnt a lot – Sampada Sawant

It helped me to understand more about myself – Akshata Bhawle

If we follow these practices, we can balance our stress levels. and we will be able to handle situations in a more positive way.

I would like to attend such workshops on a periodic basis – Chaitali Labhe, Mumbai

I learnt how small things (practices) can make big difference in my life – Saket Bansal

The workshop inspired me to live my life in a peaceful manner – Nikita, Mumbai

It was very useful to handle daily personal professional issue through this workshop – Manali Rawate

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop – Arundhati Chaudari

The session on Mindful listening is essential for every company.


I first started working with CG Mayya when I realized I’d hit a wall in my mindfulness practice and wasn’t sure where to go from there. Understanding my position immediately, Mayya provided a steady beacon of wisdom and gentle guidance—and was always eager to cheer me on… No matter how stuck or lost I might feel as I continue along this path, Mayya is someone I know I can always count on to help me find my own way.

Jennifer Howd, USA, Author of Mindfulness Diaries


I was so grateful when C G Mayya agreed to lead a retreat at Center for Mindfulness/MAPLE’S Monastic Academy. I had a strong sense that he would bring us genuine teachings that would bear real fruit in the practice for me and other residents at CML. Mayya delivered that and more. His talks and guidances demonstrated a breadth of familiarity with this practice and its forms across many traditions, and he could clearly and helpfully distill that wisdom. And in interacting with him individually, he demonstrated a depth of real, direct understanding of practice in a way that pointed me in the new direction. I felt a sense of safety, adventure, and courage with him as a guide – a combination that, for me, has resulted in a new trust in my own wisdom

Michael Fogleman
Resident, Center for Mindful Learning (CML), Vermont


I was on a committee to organise an inaugural national conference in Sydney for all Australian branches of the SRF. It was a weekend residential workshop run principally by CG Mayya, who would be visiting from the US. Over 100 participants came from far and wide, all full of joyful anticipation of an informative as well as inspiring and spiritually uplifting time. During the entire weekend I was most impressed by CG Mayya’s skills. His ever calm, cheerful, unhurried and approachable demeanor belied the efficiency required to maintain a tight schedule. His presentations were content rich but easily digestible, interactive, and liberally sprinkled with humour. We received lots of positive feedback. I had no doubt that his’ outstanding qualities as a presenter and organizer and his deeply spiritual nature were the secrets of success at this inaugural event which set a very high standard for any conferences to follow.

Cissy Reynolds
Sydney, Australia


CG Mayya has a deep understanding of human nature, which comes across in his compassionate and patient interactions with people.

Vicki Zakrzewski,
Education Director
University of California, Berkeley, California

Being part of a retreat led by C G Mayya at CML, was a special and unique experience. His understanding of various practices and his guidance helped improve my own practice. He also helped me to find a new perspective for dealing with trauma and to bring “space” around it in my journey towards complete healing.
Anna King
Mindfulness Instructor and Resident, CML

Dear C G Mayya,

Thank you for your recent work with our organization. Two of our staff members felt that your weekly sessions with us were the highlight of their month. Among the benefits mentioned by staff are: your 2-hour sessions provided a nice change of pace to the work week and were a relaxing way to start the work day; staff felt more relaxed in general at work and at home; staff members used the mindfulness techniques you taught us to deal with difficult personal issues (like the loss of a dear friend) and with day to day stresses; staff members became more aware of the ways they can and do use mindfulness in their lives. Also, your session with our high school students had a great impact on many of them by helping them to relax and relieve stress.
We are very excited and look forward to continuing this work with you.
Maisha Moses
YPP Executive Director, Boston

C G Mayya (Chris) has been a great partner in our public art work at Medicine Wheel. The guided meditation offered by him has played a significant part in our Hand in Hand project. As our meditation facilitator, Chris has been instrumental in setting a beautiful tone, for the youth and the Boston Police to feel comfortable at the beginning of the workshop, thereby opening the channels for dialogue.
C G Mayya is a wonderful Mindfulness Coach and I recommend him without hesitation.

Michael Dowling
Founder/Artistic Director
Medicine Wheel Productions, Inc.


The “Hand in Hand” project is a unique approach pair inner city young adults with the Boston Police as they build relationships while creating art. The desired outcome is to gain trust, build bridges and dispel old fears.

As a Mindful and Meditation Instructor C G Mayya has brought his expertise to guide both our young adults and Boston Police many of who have never had such an experience. It was clearly visible and noticeable how after each session there was a sense of peace and harmony in the room.

Amit Dixit
Executive Director,
South Asian Arts Council

He is an editor’s dream writer,: such a dependable guy, always submits ahead of deadline, and more importantly writes with such depth that can only come from someone who is so passionate in his craft. As a writer, he pays deep attention to research and accuracy of information, hence his articles always proved to be both insightful and helpful.

Percy Roxas,
Editor-in-chief, Look East Magazine

C G Mayya’s life has been a life of meditation, study, service . . . and more recently a deep soul searching that has lead him to this point — meeting you. His awareness, learning, intelligence and life-long deep interest in the meaning of life are now at your service.

Dan Trevarthen
Summer Camp Organizer, California