Reviews for Discover Your Free Mind

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“Discover Your Free Mind: An Ancient Inquiry” is a timely book that addresses the challenges we face during these especially stressful times we are currently living in. Through relating his personal experiences and drawing on his many years of meditation practices, C G Mayya offers a unique and pragmatic perspective on how self-inquiry can be used in specific daily life situations to help us find our Free Mind, a mind free from our social and cultural conditioning, a non-grasping mind that rests in an attitude of “let it be.” This book will be a valuable reference and source of inspiration for anyone desiring true happiness without conditions.

– Cindy Steward

The mark of a good guide is not someone who tells us “the answers” – but someone who can help us find our own. A guidebook for the spiritually curious, “Discover Your Free Mind” will help you do just that.

I’m currently in the midst of my second reading of this book. And, admittedly, much of it has been challenging to “understand.” But, I suspect that’s part of Mayya’s “method.” The wisdom doesn’t sail over my head/intellect, leaving me completely lost. Instead, it washes through me, leaving me with the feeling that I’m being steeped in it.

-Punkmouse (Amazon customer)

 This book is practical and helpful for finding balance in this fast paced world and in our relations. Highly recommended!

-Amazon customer

Mayya sees that mindfulness as usually taught in contemporary America is not sufficient for powerful changes in our life- we also need pragmatic inquiry and open awareness practices. The book walks the reader through applying those two practices to different areas of our life, specific core problems that many people in modern America face: anxiety, stress, depression, conflict, and addictions.

– Michael Fogleman